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Being a professional online flat fee recruitment agency we use a wide range of generalist, niche, online job boards, web sites (includes specialist internet forums, and social and business networking sites) to find and attract the best job seekers for our clients.

Over 1400 Job Boards and Web Sites

Presently we have over 1400 job boards and web sites in our Advertising and Online Network to choose from, which we are constantly adding to.

By having such an extensive Advertising and Online Network allows our clients to fill their vacancies fast with the best possible candidates.

It’s Not Just About Cutting and Pasting a Job Spec Online

Online Job Boards have evolved over the years, and it's not just about cutting and pasting your job spec online, and then waiting for CV's to arrive in your inbox if you want to attract the best candidates to your jobs.

The search criteria job seekers use to find your online job adverts is a lot more advanced, and with more and more vacancies being posted online, it's important more than ever that your job adverts can be easily found through the hundreds of thousands of vacancies currently online.

Each online job board will index your jobs differently and will have different criteria of what text is allowed in the job advert and what text is not, or classed as key word spamming, which could result in the job being ranked low in the search results, or the job being completely removed from their job site.

There is definitely an art in writing an effective online job advert that will be easily found, and by the most suitable candidates.

Our online flat fee recruitment consultants are well trained in the art of online job advert optimisation. We understand how to fine tune and optimise your online job adverts to ensure it attracts the right type of job seeker, and will regularly tweak and fine tune your online adverts throughout the recruitment process to improve its performance, and to attract as many relevant job seekers as possible.

If you have a vacancy you would like to place with us, all you need to do is just send us the job spec and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Our online flat fee recruitment team can be contacted on: 0330 088 1895 or you can Register your Job Vacancy Online.


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